Preparing Your Home for Real Estate Photography

Below is a list of items that we ask every agent and their sellers to have completed before we arrive at the home. Please take the time to read through this list when scheduling an appointment with us. These items will help your listing photos turn out as best as possible and make a great impression for potential buyers online.



  • Every floor cleaned (vacuum all carpets, swifter/mop all hardwood floors)
  • Dust all surfaces (countertops, furniture, etc)
  • Make beds neatly, fluff pillows
  • Turn off all televisions and computer screens
  • Every light and lamp turned ON
  • Clutter off of all surfaces including countertops, islands, kitchen table, dining room table, desk, nightstands, bathroom sinks
  • All fans turned OFF
  • No dishes inside of sink
  • No evidence of pets (no pet bowls, crates, toys, etc)
  • Glass shower doors cleaned
  • Toilet seats down
  • Fresh towels in bathroom and kitchen (or no towels at all)
  • Remove toiletries from countertops and showers
  • All clothes, shoes, kids toys, jackets hidden in closets or put away
  • Moving boxes hidden or put away
  • Cleaning supplies hidden or put away
  • Clean windows
  • Open blinds or curtains to let natural light in
  •  Clean refrigerator of magnets, papers, mail, etc
  • Straighten all dining room chairs
  • Clear nightstands of personal items


  • No cars in driveway or directly in front of house
  • Garbage cans hidden
  • Garage door shut
  • Uncover porch or patio furniture
  • Clean and declutter porch/patio and backyard and front yard
  • Grass freshly cut
  • Hedges and bushes trimmed
  • Clean pool

This list includes a majority of, but not all, of things that should be done to prep your home. This will not only help your photos look better for your listing, but will also help potential buyers be more interested in your home!

Please note that our photographers will NOT move, clean, or organize anything in the home (including furniture, items left out, personal belongings, boxes, cleaning supplies, etc). Please have the home prepared for photography upon arrival. The photographer can not wait while you move items, rearrange, clean, etc due to needing to keep an efficient and on time schedule for all of our clients. 

If we arrive to the property and are not able to take the photos due to no fault of our own (ex: no key being left, not being able to enter the property, the property not being prepared, etc) you will be sent an invoice 50% of the appointment cost. This fee will NOT be credited toward the future appointment if rescheduled. This fee will be an additional charge. We will be unable to reschedule your appointment until this bill is paid.. These policies are due to the amount of listings we photograph every week and to maintain an efficient and prompt schedule with all of our clients. We want to provide the best possible customer service and photography for all of our clients and these policies help ensure that we are able to do so! If we have to stay at a property for longer than our schedule has planned, we risk being late to our next appointment. If the home is vacant and we are using a key to enter without another person (agent or seller, etc) meeting us at the property, the photos of the property will be taken “AS-IS.”

We can not take photos during an open house, agent tour, or property showing. Please do not schedule an appointment with us if you plan to have any of these take place during the photoshoot. We can not take photos on the same day that a cleaning crew, construction crew, etc is at the property. If we arrive to the property and our photographer is unable to take the photos due to any of the above or other reasons, our cancellation fee will apply (50% of the appointment cost).

CANCELLATION POLICY: We understand that plans change and sometimes you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment! We ask that you please cancel at least 24 hours in advance. Please email flyoverpropertiesteam@gmail.com with any cancellations or reschedule requests. Any appointment cancelled or rescheduled within 12 HOURS of the scheduled appointment will be billed 50% of the total appointment cost including any driving fees. This fee also applies if our photographer arrives to the property and is unable to take the photos for any reason. This fee will NOT be credited toward the future appointment if rescheduled. This fee will be an additional charge. We will be unable to reschedule your appointment until this bill is paid.