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Fill out the form below to request a photography appointment. Our team will reach out via email after receiving your request to schedule your appointment. 

How many photos will I receive?
  • 0-1400 sq ft: 25 photos*
  • 1401-2900 sq ft: 25-30 photos
  • 2901-3900 sq ft: 30-35 photos
  • 3901-4999 sq ft: 35-40 photos
  • 5000 sq ft+: 40+ photos
  • Coldwell Banker LC Bronze, Silver, Gold: 25-30 photos
  • Coldwell Banker LC Platinum: 35 photos

*If the property is less than 1000 sq ft, we will always do our best to get 25 photos but occasionally we may have less than 25 for this size property